Bill Emmott

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Bill Emmott was born in London, joined The Economist in 1980, and served as editor-in-chief of that publication from 1993 to 2006. He is now chairman of the London Library, writes regularly for La Stampa, Nikkei Business and the Financial Times, and is chairman and co-founder (with Annalisa Piras) of an educational charity, The Wake Up Foundation. He has won many journalism awards, including in 2003 Italy’s “E’ Giornalismo” prize, for The Economist’s coverage of Berlusconi, and in 2009 the Gerald Loeb Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism, granted by the Anderson School at UCLA. The author of 12 books, mainly on Japan, Asia and Italy, he is now working on a book about the task of reviving Western countries. He is the co-writer and narrator of the film Girlfriend in a Coma (2012), and executive producer of The Great European Disaster Movie (2015), both directed and written by Annalisa Piras.
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